The bitters guru

I was looking to link to my earlier blog post on bitters, and on a whim I googled “orange bitters” half-expecting to find my post. Boy was I wrong. My favorite post by far was this one. Here’s a guy who spent the money, took the time, and gave himself the difficult job of sampling martinis with six different brands of orange bitters. He even made his martinis with Plymouth gin and Noilly Prat vermouth. His are wetter at 3:1 (gin : vermouth – mine are 4:1). I need to get me some Regan’s and Angostura Orange.


One Response to “The bitters guru”

  1. Jay Hepburn Says:

    Thanks for the link Allen. Sampling all those Martinis was a tough job, but someones got to do it… 😉

    If you’ve only ever had a Martini with Stirring’s you should definitely try to get hold of a “true” orange bitters like Regan’s or Angostura Orange. The flavour is quite a bit different to the Stirring’s, and very very tasty. Cheers!

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